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Instructions of all kinds


CE operating manuals

Since 1990 we have been producing technical manuals, assembly and maintenance instructions in accordance with the relevant normative requirements, such as DIN 8418 and EU directives.

The emphasis is on machine, plant and vehicle construction. These include operating and instruction manuals for press construction and control as well as repair manuals for vehicle transmission construction or foreign-language manuals for machine tools, plants and equipment.

Our translation work for technical manuals and documentation developed from this.


Assembly instructions

We prepare texts and detailed illustrations or photos of the individual assembly steps after thorough product training.
Here we refer to our experience in gearbox construction (repair instructions) and in equipment construction (assembly of modules).
We are able to dismantle units and gearboxes in our in-house workshop and document the steps by video. The editor then writes the texts at his desk with the support of the filmed video and selects the assembly pictures as individual images. The images are retouched in Photoshop and prepared for high-quality printing.


Maintenance instructions

Based on the DIN 8659 and DIN 11042 standards, we create maintenance books with descriptive texts, maintenance and lubrication instructions.

Customer-specific requirements are also taken into account and incorporated into the documentation.

In some cases, our editors work at the customer's “construction site” in order to obtain the information as quickly as possible.